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Every year we try to make a bit of history

This is the line up of 14 Nottinghamshire registration Fordson Majors and Dexta's +1 early 4000 that we managed to get together all carry NN NU RR AL TO TV VO number plates.

 For the 2009 show we also managed to make a little more history by getting together 5 tractors that all were owned by Joseph Camm Farms at Morton near Retford we also managed to get 5 former Camm employee's who worked the tractors in the 1950's and 60's .The tractors from left to right are Fordson "N" water washer, IH Farmall "B",IH Farmall "H",IH Farmall "B" and David Brown 2D toolbar.

This is the 2008 Photograph the same 4 tractors in the same field and the remaining 6 gentlemen from the 1945 photo.........A very unique moment  

This CLASS SF combine harvester was new to the farm who's land we held our show on pictured with land owner Micheal Bowness

The CLASS SF and a Case LA tractor also new to this farm returning for the first time in many years are seen with 3 generations of the Bowness family


In 1957 Essex farmer George Pryor had a problem, The answer to his problem was to couple 2 Fordson Major tractors together to make a 4 wheel drive 100hp machine this tractor was put into production by Earnest Doe

The "Doe Duel Drive" was born this year we had 5 Doe's at work and a very special guest Mr Goerge Pryor the photos show the man and the tractors along with the owners of the 5 DOE tractors  

2017 , 2018 & 2019 Show Site

The site for this years show is at Haughton Hall farm near Bothamsall Notts this is historically a very important site as the farm its self is built on the location of the big house alas demolished many many years ago with evidence of the formal gardens in the form of earth works visible in the pasture to the rear of the yard

The present farm was rebuilt as a model farm in more recent times after a Canadian bomber crash landed on the buildings in the closing years of WW2 the new buildings incorporated a very unusual hexagonal brick grain silo and crop drying plant it was one of only three built and is now the only one standing and still in use today

In the next field to the show are the ruins of the old chapel in the parish of Walesby this is now in the care of English Heritage and on the Sunday we held our countryside service in the ruin the first time a service has been held there in living memory 

For the 2018 show a special service took place to unveil a memorial plaque to the airmen of the 2 Canadian WW2 planes that crashed on the site  


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